Blush and Brush Boutique  



“Girls Excelling & Maturing Spiritually” 

 PURPOSE: The purpose is to empower and encourage our youth girls. They will be taught how to deal with real life situations through Christ centered values. They will be given the necessary tools and resources to develop and build character positively through integrity!  

Mission Statement: Our mission is to encourage young girls to lead righteous lives by walking in love, faith, and truth and to understand that God has a unique purpose for their lives. We want to instill in them Christian morals and values. We want to inspire and encourage young girls to be an inspiration to their peers by using their gifts and unique talents. We want to help the girls realize the importance of inner-beauty and help them each establish self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. Above all we want to provide a healthy environment where teenage girls can establish a stronger relationship with God while building friendships with other girls and having “safe fun”!